This Cat Is Totally Not Ready For The Impromptu DJ Performance

3 years ago

It is proven that children have a lot of imagination, the imagination of children is even much greater than that of an adult person, but this is quite good since in this way they can have fun with whatever is at home. When there are pets at home, kids can have even more fun, as pets often do fun things that make them laugh very often, which is good for the health of the child and the pet. In this case, a girl is trying to have fun indoors using some objects like musical instruments, since this girl thinks she is a professional DJ, but the cat did not expect that some sounds could scare him, so he was very easily surprised. When the girl used the steam iron, the cat immediately jumped, as some sounds can easily scare cats, so now you need to add the steam iron to things cats fear. Priceless!

Cats are very easy to train, they are very calm and patient, so they will be ideal playmates for the little ones. We already know that children's curiosity leads them to make gestures and movements that could be annoying or even painful for cats, but rest assured because your feline knows very well who he is dealing with and where the limits are.

Despite the fame they have gained for being indifferent due to their independent character, cats are able to create very strong family bonds with family members. They will understand very well that when a new member arrives, it has as much or more importance than any other. In addition, the sensitivity of cats is enormous, which will encourage them to absorb the tenderness that a baby or child gives off and know that they must be treated with delicacy.

Having a pet will not only teach a child to be responsible but will also provide many other teachings. In the case of cats, they will learn that sometimes we need solitude and that we must respect each other's space. We already know that cats are famous for being independent, but this fame is due precisely to that because they need their space at certain times of the day. And they look for it, just as it happens to us. Children will learn to respect that, a lesson that will serve them later in life.

Cats will serve as prevention for the stress of your children. If your child is nervous by nature, a cat can help him be calm, as his purring has been scientifically proven to calm nerves. Also, as playful as they are, cats have a calm character and love to sleep, something that will also infect your children. Not to mention the benefits they bring in other areas of health such as allergies or heart health.

We've heard a lot about the protection dogs offer to babies, but little is known about whether cats make good pets for children. But surely you already see that cats are good pets for children since they are all advantages around them. Don't deprive your child of the joy of growing up with a pet.

This girl pretends to mix with kitchen tools and her cat is surprised by the drop of the music and the iron. Hilarious!

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