Coronavirus has unbelievable effects on shopping mall

Published March 22, 2020 2,286 Views

Rumble / Weird MysteriesCoronavirus has become one of the worst pandemics throughout the world. Many countries have shut down their borders to traveler other than essential services. We have all be hearing, and reading the daily sadness of deaths, increasing numbers of cases of the cover 19 virus, and the panic buying of items people feel they need to “survive” this virus. There have been many articles on what we all have to do to “flatten the curve”. This means in a short word, what is required to halt the absolute astronomical numbers of the virus spreading at alarming rates. In short, three of these solutions are as follow. Endgame A: flatten the curve. Endgame A is the plan to “flatten the curve” – restricting movements in order to lower the peak in cases, while accepting that infections will continue to grow until the epidemic has run its course.

There will be many deaths. Endgame B: trace and track. Endgame B is to trace and track every infection, something governments are trying to do. Endgame C: stop then restart Endgame C is to “stop then restart”. This means minimizing activity and interactions, and sealing the borders to passenger traffic including citizens (although not trade), until infections are driven down to zero. In Vancouver British Columbia and its outlying areas, precautions are happening and game plans are changing daily. Many stores and shops have shut, and restrictions have been put in place at larger retail stores where groceries and supplies can be purchased. Costco for instance is limiting the number of certain items that can be purchased by each member. Also customer numbers permitted into the store have been limited, creating long waits outside at times. This video footage was recorded by a local man that had a doctors appointment in which his practitioner’s office is located within one of the local malls in Surrey British Columbia. Knowing the shut downs that had been imposed by the government, he was still surprised at the number of stores which were completely shut down. Guessing at the number of closed retailers, it seemed around 95% or more had complete lock down.

The doctors office for instance had security personnel which were allowing only one person into the office at a time, being the person whom had an appointment. As you will see, the small number of people within the mall, were keeping to the “social distancing” requirements of 2 metres or 6-1/2 feet. There is talk of a possible complete shutdown/lockdown of the complete province of British Columbia. During this time of crisis, we must all do our part in keeping safe, as well as keeping everyone else safe. This means keeping your distance from other when you must venture outside your home. Be respectful of people personal space. Spend time with the ones you love and life with, but also be cautious when around family that may not live in your household… practice social distancing. We can get through this! Stay safe everyone!