How to Protect Yourself Against COVID-19 Coronavirus?

Published March 21, 2020 2,135 Views

Rumble Useful tips how to safeguard yourself against the Coronavirus (COVID-19) thanks to a Spanish hospital doctor.

A friend of a doctor who works at a local hospital in Spain has given her useful tips to better defend yourself against COVID-19 or known as the Coronavirus.

In China (the city of Wuhan), people have been sick with a new type of coronavirus since the end of 2019. The health organizations in China and the World Health Organization are fighting the outbreak and are mapping the situation there.

It is now clear that the virus is dangerous for many people. It is difficult to say exactly how dangerous. This is mainly because we do not know much about this corona virus. A working vaccine that can be used on a large scale could significantly reduce the number of deaths.

Do we know how long this will take?

No, not exactly. Much depends on the invention of a vaccine or drug. Dutch scientists discovered that an antibody they made to fight SARS also works against this Coronavirus. That does not mean that a vaccine against Covid-19 will be on the market soon. Further investigations and tests will certainly take months.

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