Good Doggy In Back Of Pickup Truck Literally Smiles For Strangers

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesHave you ever seen a dog smile with happiness? Probably not, since dogs don't usually smile as often as people. However, it is proven that dogs can feel happiness and therefore they are also capable of smiling, especially if they see or do something that they really like, such as playing with their owners or seeing an old friend after a long time. In this case, a very nice dog greets and smiles at all the strangers passing by the parking lot, as the dog is in the back of a truck while its owners return. This adorable dog must have lots of friends, as he knows how to socialize with people while smiling at all the strangers passing by the parking lot to start socializing. This is the best canine smile you'll see in a long time!

There are many rumors that circulate about certain qualities of dogs, especially those related to their way of communicating with us. And it is that beyond a desire to humanize them, it can be said that many of their gestures, especially facial expressions, are very similar to ours. Let's review one of these gestures to know for a good time if the dogs smile. By living with our dog, we can sometimes detect, either because he is excited or simply looking at us with happy eyes and a slightly open mouth, that our dog is smiling. This occurs when we get home, take a walk, or play with them, and it is a response from your brain that reflects an emotion that the dog is feeling.

Dogs have very complex body language, like all social mammals, and they use it to express different things to us. In the case of dogs, showing teeth can have a multitude of meanings, and we must involve our entire body in order to identify what it is trying to tell us. In this way, the smile is not based only on the act of showing the teeth, you must analyze their ears, their grunts, and their body movement.

Anyone who has had the experience of having a dog knows perfectly that expression on their face when they see us when they return home. The gaze is completely relaxed, the eyes are illuminated and they look at us with their heads raised, wagging their tails, their mouths slightly open and they maintain a playful and attentive attitude, perhaps giving some barking depending on the level of excitement that the pet reaches.

So it's important, more than paying attention to your mouth, reviewing and analyzing your attitude. Dogs communicate many things to us through their body language and it is not very difficult to understand, they transmit many of their emotions to us, just as they are also able to interpret many of our moods through our energy, posture and voice. So enjoy your pet, observe it well and you will see how they smile at you with their whole body. Everyone should smile like this dog does.

Met this grinning guy in a parking lot. Totally adorable.

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