Brother And Sister Try Out A New Snapchat Filter With Hysterical Results

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Rumble / Babies & KidsAre you one of the people who have a lot of fun playing with Snapchat filters? See how this boy and this girl are having fun using a new Snapchat filter! Today technology is for everyone since there are many things that can be done regardless of age since there are mobile applications for children, youth, adults, and the elderly. Snapchat is one of the most used applications nowadays, as it has many fun photo filters that allow people to have fun and share with their friends. In this case, brother and sister named Paige and Cody test the new Snapchat filter, and their reaction is really hysterical and fun. The boy is very surprised, while the girl laughs a lot and cannot contain the laugh. You have to try this filter now!

If your children are starting to use the Snapchat mobile application now that its popularity has exploded, here we tell you how to use it appropriately and responsibly. Children use it, like many other social networks, to communicate with their friends and keep up to date with what they do, for them it is faster than WhatsApp. Yes, you have read well. They can also follow through it to celebrities who update their profile in this application. Snapchat is more fun than it sounds!

In addition to sending photos and videos with different filters, Snapchat has a portal called ‘Discover’, in which the most important news and information from around the world and from different media are published. Currently, you can already find many celebrities on Snapchat; singers, artists, actors, YouTubers, models, athlete and follow their posts.

Snapchat is being successful among young people, as it serves to exchange images or videos of sexual or pornographic content. Even if the image disappears after a few seconds, you can always take screenshots. If this happens, the application warns you. However, by then the damage will be done. Two months ago, Tovanna Holton, a 15-year-old American, committed suicide three hours after a friend posted a nude photo of her on Snapchat.

In addition to being prudent, since you never know who can harm us or vice versa, it is recommended to reset the password every so often and not have the same for everything. On the other hand, the privacy policy of the app itself includes in its terms and conditions that you have the right to store and share any photo that is published in the app. So the images or videos are not really temporary.

It is important to check the privacy settings, the friends list, and check that you have people you really know to avoid sex offenders posing as other people. In addition, there is a great risk when connecting third-party applications to Snapchat, since some could be spies and collect intimate photos. You always have to take care of the children!

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Paige and Cody’s Snapchat filter will have you in stitches! Must see!

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