Cane Corsos - The $10,000 Dogs Of War

Published March 20, 2020 364 Views

Rumble MEET the team behind Confidential Kennels - the fourth-generation breeders of the colossal Cane Corso dog breed. These dogs can weigh over 150lbs and sell for up to $10,000. The mostly-female crew is at the forefront of resurrecting the ancient breed that was used for fighting in wars in Ancient Roman times. Confidential Kennel owners Angela and Jesse have been breeding and training these dogs for over a decade. They even run a program called 'Reuniting Warriors With Warriors', which sees them donating trained Cane Corsos to wounded war veterans. Jesse told Truly: "We do not make a cent on it, it costs us a lot of money to actually operate it". Angela is proud to have put together an all-female crew at Confidential Kennels, making them stand out in the male-dominated dog breeding industry. She said: "I want women to feel safe and secure and empowered, them being a part of preserving the Cane Corso makes them feel strong".