Dad, Toddler, Baby & Dog Experience Day 4 Of Their Quarantine

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Rumble / Heartwarming FamiliesIs your country already quarantined? Probably yes, since many countries in the world have already announced the national quarantine, as well as the closure of the borders to prevent the massive spread of coronavirus in their countries. The truth is that not everyone is prepared to survive a quarantine since many people are used to having busy days with many people and being locked up at home is not an easy task for them, but they must do it since there is no other option. In this fun video, you can see how a father, a baby, a child, and a dog survive the fourth day of the quarantine, you can see that everyone is going crazy, they need to get out of the house to walk and get fresh air. Obviously everyone in this family is desperate, but quarantine is important to prevent the spread of the virus, you have to be smart and wait for the tough days to pass. Health and family are the most important!

In many countries cities have been isolated, inbound and outbound transportation has been paralyzed, school years have been postponed, among other measures to contain the spread. The new coronavirus already affects more than 115 nations due to its rapid spread, which puts citizens and authorities on alert, for which they have taken innumerable measures in order to slow down the advance of this pandemic, classified as such by the World Organization of Health (WHO).

There are several countries where the spread of Covid-19 is in phase three, which implies that the person infected with the virus did not travel abroad and has not had contact with any infected person. In this situation, one of the most repeated measures in the world is quarantine, an action of proven effectiveness to slow the spread of infections.

In China, the country where this virus arose, the Government has isolated a dozen cities and has quarantined around 56 million people. In many other countries, cities have been blocked, entry and exit transport has been paralyzed, school years have been postponed, there is a recess in work centers, activities with massive attendance such as concerts, sporting events or marches, and mobilizations are postponed or prohibited, and isolation or quarantine is decreed.
According to specialists, when we talk about quarantine we are referring to keeping away from the rest of those people who appear to be healthy, but who could have the virus. While isolation is applied by setting aside those who have been diagnosed so that in this way, contagion is avoided.

Both quarantine and isolation slow down the virus's propagation speed, and although this does not eliminate the root disease, at least we contribute in a high percentage to its incidence being much slower and thus the response capacity of health systems can deal with cases. Achieving that there is no peak in the number of infected at the same time, would greatly reduce the number of active cases.

It is important that you understand that isolation and quarantine can prevent the disease from spreading across nations and the world, given that we are talking about a highly contagious virus. In addition, if a family member is infected, the other family members must keep a distance of one meter and let the person stay in his room. Try to be very careful!

Just imagine what Day 8 will be like!

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