Meet Wally: My Emotional Support Gator | BEAST BUDDIES

Published March 18, 2020 2,959 Views

Rumble MEET Wally - the 5ft, 60lb, federally-licensed emotional support alligator. Owned by Joie Henney, from Pennsylvania, Joie's house boasts a variety of reptiles, ranging from bearded dragons to ball pythons. The reptile that steals the show, however, is the four-year-old Wally, who has a special place in Joie's heart. Joie told Truly: "He's far from a typical alligator, he loves cuddling and he loves giving kisses". As well as having full run of the house, Wally is regularly taken out for walks to parks, malls and even restaurants. Joie, who refused to take medication when going through depression, found great relief in interacting with Wally the alligator. With a solid fan-base, Joie works with volunteers daily to show Wally in schools, birthday parties and other events.