My Wife Accepts Me As A Man OR Woman | LOVE DON'T JUDGE

Published March 12, 2020 2,753 Views

Rumble HIGH SCHOOL sweethearts Katie and Vince Gay have been a couple for over 11 years and happily married for five. Nine years into their relationship; however, Vince dropped a bombshell: he – or they – were gender fluid. Identifying on some days as Natasha, a woman with long hair and bangs and an expert at makeup application, other days they revert back to the more traditionally male alter ego of Vince, the man that Katie fell in love with. A year ago Natasha went public and now Natasha and Vince enjoy shopping trips and coffee dates together where they live in Columbus, Ohio - but it’s only Vince that Katie is physically attracted to. The couple met at high school and the day Vince asked Katie out, he told her he loved her. They bonded over a shared love of sci fi and would text back and forth in class. When Vince came out also as Natasha, the reaction has been mixed – while friends have been accepting, in effect, Natasha has been a new person for them to get to know. Both sets of parents have struggled with the new person in their children’s marriage and for Vince, a former school teacher, coming out has also affected their job hunt. Although accepting of her spouse’s new gender identity, Katie herself remains only attracted to men. And the couple are keen to stress the difference between gender and sexuality.