Check Out This Bulldog Looking Out Of His Personal Bubble Window

Published March 11, 2020

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDo you know the benefits of using bubble windows for dogs? Probably not, as it is a recent invention that is barely being implemented in some homes. Dog bubble windows have been shown to be very good at keeping dogs from being affected by weather changes, as the benefits of bubble windows allow them to see everything behind the window without leaving the house or exposing themselves to rain or sun. This beautiful Bulldog likes to look at his neighbors through his new bubble window, he's probably a pretty sociable Bulldog and just wants to meet new people, so take advantage of the new window to spy on his neighbors and learn a little more about them. Seeing a little is not bad!

When we decide to bring a new furry member into our lives, we do so with the intention that he will stay with us until the end of his days. We provide you with all the necessary care so that you are happy and comfortable, and above all, safe with what is now your family. For this reason, if for whatever reason we have to move, we do not hesitate for a moment and take the furry. But, have you ever wondered how climate change affects dogs? To avoid colds and other health problems, next, we will explain what you must do to make everything go well.

If you go to an area with a colder climate, it is normal for your body (both your dog's and yours) to take time - maybe months - to get used to it. During that time, especially if you have short hair, it is advisable to wrap it well and avoid leaving the house in the coldest hours, which are in the morning and at night. Also, you should look for a place in the house that is warm but be careful with radiators and other sources of heat. If necessary, keep it with the coat also indoors; This will further reduce the risk of burns since it will be kept at a greater distance from these sources.

Generally, getting used to warmer weather is much easier than getting used to colder weather. Still, there are a few steps you need to take to make sure your dog is going to feel really comfortable. The first and most important thing is to avoid sunbathing during the central hours of the day. If you happen to love it, put on sunscreen for dogs, but don't leave it for long.

Anyway, for everything to go smoothly you have to keep in mind that there are dogs that are more related to some types or changes of climates than others. For example, Nordic dogs are very used to low temperatures, but they have a really bad time in hot weather; On the other hand, those with short hair, such as Chihuahua or Mallorcan shepherds, are more suitable for hot climates but will need a lot of help if they are taken to cold climates. Dog bubble windows are the solution to all your problems!

This is just hilarious to witness. Check it out!


  • SummeRain, 1 week ago

    So adorable. My son would want the lizard while my husband,my daughter, and myself found the entire video sweet.

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