Watch A Swan Try To Make Contact With A Cat In A Boat

Published March 11, 2020

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsHave you seen how relaxing it is to take a boat ride through a place full of ducks and swans? It can be even more interesting and fun if you take your pets with you! Cats are probably one of the most curious animals, as cat personalities tend to change very frequently and can even be very selective when it comes to knowing who to socialize with and who not to, indicating a high rate of intelligence. Most cat owners know that birds and cats don't get along as they are often natural enemies, but in this case, it is a much bigger bird than usual, it is a huge and precious swan.

Throughout the video you can see how the boat passes right next to the swan, so the swan watches the cat in the boat, which is a beautiful Maine Coon. After the boat pulls away from the swan, the swan turns to try to chase him, obviously, this swan really wants this cat to be his friend, so try to contact him as long as possible. The cat's reaction is also quite interesting, he is very calm but excited at the same time. No one knows which of the two is crazier!

The origin of this animal is located in Central Asia and Europe, although when winter comes they go to Africa, Korea or India because the cold does not resist it. In some of these migrations, several specimens arrived in North America and settled, and today they are one of the established species in the country. They are birds that like stability and prefer to be settled in one place, either in the place where they lay their eggs or in another place they choose taking into account various factors.

It should be noted that they like to live in community, although these groups must be small. To travel looking for a milder climate they usually do it in groups and reach about 100 km / h. To raise the flight it must propel itself with its legs since it is one of the heaviest birds that can fly. However, its flight is elegant and clean, a spectacle that no one who sees it can fail to admire.

This courtship of swans is very reciprocal: the movements are made at the same time by both the female and the male. Then they swim together, put their beaks in the water several times and cross the necks as a "push" to the mating. Sounds like a dance, right? You know why one of the best ballets in the world chose one called Swan Lake.

Surely you have seen many images of swans joining their heads and forming a heart. This is because, as we said at the beginning, they are a symbol of eternal love. Once the mating has been performed, the white swan stays with its partner for life and is faithful to it. That is, they are monogamous, something not so common in the animal world.

A Maine Coon riding in a boat interacts with a swan on the water in this unique clip. Check it out!