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Rumble YES!! After crushing the impeachment sham, D-Trump celebrates by dropping a new rap album that critics say may be his best work yet.With witty word play and metaphors, D-Trump takes hilarious jabs at Nancy Pelosi, "Sleepy" Joe Biden, Adam "Shifty" Schiff, Snoop Dogg, "Crooked" Hilary, and others.
Purchase Album@: https://soundclick.com/r/bvb1k


  • brenmichelle, 28 weeks ago

    Wow, how long did that take you to make?

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    • usefulmixed, 2 weeks ago

      i can make this

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    • Martiarch2212, 27 weeks ago

      not long. im very good and i have lots of content. im just confused about how i can get paid on this platform. can u help me understand how it works?

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      • Grant1tnarG, 27 weeks ago

        Make sure and tell me when you find out okay

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  • MimiRabbit, 26 weeks ago

    Helo ;) I invite you to my channel https://rumble.com/user/MimiRabbit

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