Toddler With Cerebral Palsy Stands For The First Time To Play With Her Doggy

Published March 6, 2020

Rumble / Priceless MomentsMany people say that dogs are the ideal pets for children with disabilities, as dogs tend to learn very fast and know how to perfectly follow their owners' instructions. Also, everyone knows that the love of dogs is totally unconditional, these adorable furry friends know how to make their owners happy without having to wait for something in return, that's why dogs are often children's best friends. Children with cerebral palsy always need a friend they can trust to play and have fun smoothly, so this girl struggles to stand up and play with her adorable friend dog. A crystal will not be able to separate this friendship!

This girl is called Lennyn and she was born 10 weeks earlier, but unfortunately, she was born with bilateral cerebral hemorrhage, which caused hydrocephalus. Due to her problem, this girl has had 4 brain surgeries so far and has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy. The family dog ​​is named Xavier Woods and he has always been her friend since birth, possibly Xavier Woods inspires this girl to keep fighting to keep going. In the case of this video, you can see one of the first times that Lennyn and Xavier Woods play together. No disability or glass will separate this good friendship!

There is a natural relationship between children and animals which makes them good companions, who help each other. For each of the children with disabilities, having a relationship with animals helps them feel valuable. In addition, it is ideal since they usually have difficulties in making friends with other children. With animal therapies, an opportunity is created for a bond with another living being that allows the child to develop more and better.

One of the benefits of animals for people is that in children it promotes confidence and good self-esteem in the child since it motivates them to interact and become stronger. In turn, they allow the person with a disability to have a very affectionate experience, full of emotions and opportunities to strengthen muscles in case of riding a horse.

For people with disabilities, this is excellent therapy, and for children it is ideal since they take it as a game, making the activity more beneficial. As a kind of game is created, bonds of friendship are formed. This allows people who have a disability, such as autism, to gain knowledge of emotions and in turn how they can retransmit them.

Interacting with animals allows the person with a disability to make an improvement in their social skills, regardless of whether they see it as the opposite. If there is communication between the two. If the person has autism, owning a dog allows him to form a social foundation, appropriate to his cognitive aspect. Keep in mind that animals such as dogs and horses help in this process because they emanate emotions, such as sadness or joy, which individuals with this condition lack. You will probably never see friendship as good and unconditional as this girl and this dog!

Lennyn was born 10 weeks premature with a bilateral brain bleed that led to Hydrocephalus. Since then she’s had 4 brain surgeries and has been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Our dog Xavier Woods has always been her pal. Pushing her a long the way. Here Lennyn is standing for one of the first times EVER to play with Xavier Woods. He’s been a big part of this miracle in action. He knows she needs extra love and to be gentle with her. It’s truly remarkable!


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