Buster & Chop - The 120lb Pitbulls With $15k Pups

Published March 6, 2020 775 Views

Rumble TWO giant bullies are vying for the top spot at one of Mississippi’s most prestigious pit bull breeding businesses. Renee Castleman made the news in 2018 with her family-run breeding business GatorHead Bullies – home to the 120-pound pit bull Buster. Now, 130-pound Chop is proving to be a hit with Renee’s high-end clients – including NBA and NFL stars who are wowed by Chop’s bulk and unique, tri-colour ‘merle’ coat. Renee told Barcroft Studios: “Chop is one of the upcoming biggest dogs on our yard. Of course, Buster is always going to be one of our favorites, but right now Chop is what people are wanting.” Chop’s ‘merle’ appearance means his coat is a combination of black, brown, and white and his eyes are a striking, almost red hue – making him quite the attraction for prospective clients. At 130 pounds he’s also reaching gigantic proportions, and at just 15 months old, still has a lot of growing to do. But it’s Buster, whose stud fee currently stands at $8,000, who remains the leader of the pack – even though Chop’s stud fee is currently higher. As Renee puts it: “Because right now merle tri-colours are so expensive, Chop’s stud fee is at 10 grand. But despite Chop being the upcoming biggest dog in our yard, Buster is still the king.” The 17-acre farm in rural Mississippi currently boasts 18 XL American Bullies as part of its breeding program, alongside three French Bulldogs and one English Bulldog.

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