You Can Finally Have Crispy Edges on Every Brownie Piece With This Brownie Pan

There's so many rules to desserts. You have to add vanilla ice cream to peach cobbler and you have to dip chocolate chip cookies in milk. I could go on and on. We actually might not agree on those first two, but what I hope we can all agree on is that brownie edge pieces are the best.

Honestly, I could write a masters thesis on why so many desserts need a balance between crust and moisture. The most delicious brownies are moist in the middle, but have crispy sides. There's just something about the corner piece! Baker's Edge gets it! Thanks to them, you can finally buy an edge brownie pan.

Every brownie edge piece lover needs a Baker's Edge Nonstick Edge Brownie Pan in their life! The dividers give you two extra crispy edges. The nonstick pan is made from heavy gauge cast aluminum, so you don't have to worry about the baking pan warping in the oven.

The crispy corner brownie piece and vanilla ice cream combination is heavenly! Customer reviews are incredible. There's nearly 1,000 reviews with 4.7 out of 5 stars on the crispy corner brownie pan. Add this bakeware to your Christmas wishlist, y'all. Everyone's getting crispy corner brownie pieces for this year's potluck dessert!

This is a game-changing kitchen gadget for those chewy edge lovers. The interior walls will improve baking performance by circulating heat to the middle of the aluminum pan. I think you'll have your best brownies yet with a nonstick edge brownie pan!

Edge Brownie Pan Specs

Nylon spatula included

Brownie recipes

Continuous chamber to spread brownie batter easily

You'll never go back to any regular baking pan for your brownies. Bake yourself a nice pan of crispy brownies and get yourself a gallon of Blue Bell vanilla ice cream. If you're looking to step up your bakeware collection, check out cornbread on a stick pans.

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