Lion King' Tackles 4 Wild Cheetahs

Published March 4, 2020 590 Views

Rumble BRAVE animal ranger, Shandor Larenty, is back – and this time, he’s taming WILD cheetahs. The 24-year-old recently re-homed four brand new cats from captivity where they had never interacted with humans before. Helping them to settle into their new home at the Lion And Safari Park, in South Africa, Shandor still approaches with great caution and has been working on enrichment activities in order to strengthen their relationship. Shandor has become an expert in the wildlife department; interacting with lions, hyenas, giraffes and African wild dogs, to name a few, every day - and he was overjoyed with the success of his latest mission. He remains thankful that he can still perform his ‘dream job’ – working to preserve the conservation of species and spread his animal-loving positivity to the world. This is the second episode in Barcroft TV's brand new three-part series: 'Big Cat Life', that airs on the Beastly YouTube channel, with a new episode being released each week.

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