The 7 Best Indestructible Dog Beds

Published March 3, 2020 77,140 Views

Rumble Is your dog a power chewer? Our staff lives with a few breeds that are notorious chewers! After reviewing beds with our dogs and researching the testimonials we've narrowed down the list to seven indestructible dog beds.

It's important to always redirect chewing when you catch your dog enjoying the corners of the new dog bed you bought them! This could be pointing to separation anxiety or even a medical issue so always make sure you're getting your dog to the vet for regular visits. We'd love to hear from you about these beds as power chewers are challenging when you simply want to give them dog beds for their power naps!

These may not be 100% chew proof but they're close!

Tough Dog Beds
1. PetFusion Large Dog Bed
This bed is designed with a memory foam mattress that is water-resistant and has a tear-resistant cover. This comfy bed will seamlessly blend with your home. Pricing starts at $62.95 and these are available in small to XXL.

2. K9 Ballistics Indestructible Elevated Raised Metal Frame Dog Bed
This metal-framed pet cot is intended for power chewers and will resist about 99 percent of chewing dogs. Enough said, right? Sizes range from small to XXL. Pricing starts at $109.00. Elevated dog beds are perfect for keeping dogs cool in the summertime.

3. goDog Bed Bubble Bolster with Chew Guard Technology
You had us at Chew Guard technology. This bed is great for the inside of a kennel. The Chew Guard technology is for added durability and it fits most standard crates. Sizes range from XS to XXL. Pricing starts at $12.63.

4. Aolvo Indestructible Dog Bed
This pet bed mat is made of high-quality PP cotton and fleece, with no odor, thick and comfortable, can keep the pet mat warm for a long time. It's perfect as a crate mat. Sizes range from small to large and the price starts at $12.59.

5. K9 Ballistics Tough Small Dog Bed
This is the one bed we found for smaller dogs. These dog beds are intended for light to moderate chewers and will resist about 90% of chewing dogs. Colors vary and the price is $69.00.

6. Orvis Toughchew Comfortfill Platform Dog Bed
Orvis won us over. These beds start at $139.00 and range from small to XL.

"The ToughChew ComfortFill Platform Dog Bed is our version of tough love for the chewer: our ultimate chew-resistant fabric features a full ripstop nylon base with a bonded microvelvet top layer, designed to guarantee both superior puncture and tear resistance and an extremely soft feel."

7. Orvis Toughchew Memory Foam Bolster Dog Bed
This memory foam bolster dog bed is constructed with its ultimate chew-resistant fabric. ToughChew fabric features a full ripstop nylon base with a bonded microvelvet top layer, designed to guarantee both superior puncture and tear resistance and an extremely soft feel. It's pricey but the Rolls Royce of dog beds. It starts at $329.00 and sizes range from small to large.

Many brands say they have indestructible dog beds but make sure you read the reviews! These choices above are designed for power chewers and the beds range from chew proof dog beds, waterproof beds, beds made with memory foam material, crate pads for dog crates, and some even have removable covers. Older dogs also benefit from many of these options so it's a win-win for your senior "destructive dog" if they need a new bed that is essentially an orthopedic dog bed made for tough dogs.

Dog owners should also look at the warranty to see if they provide a year warranty or if it's less than a year. Is the bed machine washable or is there a removable cover? Our staff kept those features in mind while we researched this article. If we had to vote for the best indestructible dog bed we'd lean towards the Orvis brand. Staff tip: Another brand to consider is Big Barker for big dogs.

And even moderate chewers benefit from a durable dog bed as you may catch them chewing on the corners every once in a while!

Creative solutions? Have a variety of bed covers that you order proactively when you know your dog isn't a saint. The other tip we recommend is to always have Kongs available and chew toys!

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