The MMA Fighter Saving New York's Pitbulls | BIG DOGZ

Published February 28, 2020 446 Views

Rumble EX-MMA FIGHTER Craig Fields is the founder of The New York Bully Crew - a non-profit dog rescue that operates in Long Island. Founded in 2010, The New York Bully has saved hundreds of dogs in their years of activity. Craig told Barcroft TV: “Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and adopt out abused and neglected mostly pit bulls”. The New York Bully Crew hosts over 150 dogs in their rescue facilities at any given time and works hard to get each dog adopted by loving families. The name ‘Bully Crew’ refers to the fact that they specialise in rescuing pit bulls, especially ones that have been forced into the dog fighting world. “Because there’s so many pit bull dogs out there that’s why they’re abused more than any other dog, but we do rescue any breed that needs help,” explained Craig. With a background in MMA fighting, to some degree, Craig relates to the pit bulls that are used in dog fighting. “I think I have an attachment to pit bulls because I’m a lot like a pit bull - someone would look at me and think I look mean but really I’m not,” said Craig. The crew goes out on rescue missions almost daily and will go to any lengths to save a dog. “I’ve had multiple altercations on rescues, I will do anything to save a dog and if I have to beat someone, I will beat someone,” said Craig. The rest of the New York Bully Crew has a past in MMA or martial arts fighting too. Craig said: "My whole crew is all fighters; everyone I travel with is a fighter."

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