Ultimate Body Transformation: 500lbs to 200lbs | BRAND NEW ME

Published February 28, 2020 81 Views

Rumble A MAN has lost over 280lbs after discovering CrossFit and ditching fast food. Every time he visited the doctor, Alex Porro was given the same advice; to lose weight or even have weight loss surgery because he was so big. But it took seeing his weight on a pallet scale, for Alex to realise he needed to make a change. Alex, from South Florida, weighed 480lbs at his heaviest and has lost an astonishing 280lbs just through diet and exercise. The 27-year-old used to feel intimidated going into gyms but now he gets up at 5am most mornings to do CrossFit. Describing himself as “the big kid in class”, Alex said: “I've always had a problem with my weight. Growing up in a Latin family, dinner times were a big feature with plenty of food and everyone expected to clear their plate." The concept of a calorie was also alien to Alex. He said: “Food was always a comfort as it is for a lot of people, I just abused it. And I was just eating all the wrong stuff in all the wrong amounts, just drinking 12 packs of Mountain Dew, eating tons of Oreos, pizza, Chinese buffet, ice cream, you name it, and I was just eating it and overindulging.” Then one day, while making a delivery to a warehouse for his courier job, he decided to stand on the industrial pallet scale and saw that he weighed nearly 480lbs – Alex knew it was time to turn his life around.