Just A Tiny Dog Sleeping On Top Of A Big Dog

Published February 28, 2020 8,861 Views $5.32 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDo you think several dogs can be friends regardless of their breed and height? Look at the good friendship and trust that these two dogs have when it's time to sleep! Dogs are smart enough to know that all pets in the house are part of the family and that is why they know that they should take care and support each other. When bedtime comes, this puppy named Mrs. Pearl lies on her older brother, who is a bigger dog. This happens all the time since Mrs. Pearl has to be close to her older brother to feel safe, so she always expects her brother to fall asleep to lie on him. Tenderness overload!

The first thing you must understand to understand why your dog sleeps with you or with other dogs is that it is a social animal, a pack, that in the wild would sleep in a group. The dog is not a solitary animal, so this "curious" habit is in its nature. In fact, if you live with more than one dog and the relationship between them is good, surely you have observed that they never sleep alone. The majority either sleep with their humans or sleep together in the same bed or in the same room.

The dog is a pack animal, which watches over its own, cares and communicates with them through its own language. In this way, apart from other reasons, sleeping together has an important function: to protect each other.

The dream is one of the moments in which we are most exposed and, therefore, we are most vulnerable. Therefore, many dogs prefer to sleep near their humans or with them to protect them if something happens. It is a natural behavior of the species. If you suspect that your dog likes to sleep with you because of this but you don't want him to keep sleeping in your same bed, place his little bed next to yours.

Dogs love to feel the heat, for this reason, many prefer to sleep with their humans or with other dogs and enter under the sheet to the hottest place in the bed. And if your dog always sleeps stuck to you or on top of you, this may also be the reason! Likewise, if your dog sleeps between your legs, it may be because it seeks precisely this heat.

In short, if your dog sleeps with you or with other dogs, it means he loves them. He loves to feel his warmth, he feels very safe and wants to protect others and convey all his love. Sleeping together is one of the greatest demonstrations of love and also helps strengthen the bond. Although his bed is the most uncomfortable in the world, if he does not love his humans or they do not give him security, a dog will not sleep with them.

Sleeping in the same bed is a habit that can be positive for both as long as some general considerations are taken into account. For example, it is very important to maintain proper hygiene of the animal, especially after walks. These two dogs love each other very much!

Little Ms.Pearl always has to sleep on top of her big brother. Cuteness overload!