Tourist Adventure In Jabal El Modawara , Wadi El Rayan Desert

Published February 25, 2020

Rumble Only five kilometers away, Jabal El Modawara is the definition of beauty. When you climb this amazing mountain– which isn’t too bad to climb by the way– the view from above will easily take your breath away. It’s also a great spot for bird-watching, especially if you plan on catching a glimpse of eagles or falcons.

Venturing further past Jabal El Modawara, adventurers may continue to the Magic Lake, a small lake surrounded by sand dunes. the place is perfect for sand boarding and swimming.

The importance of Wadi El-Rayan is attributed to the fact that it is a natural environment for animals threatened with extinction like white deer, Egyptian deer, sand fox, wolf and rare migrating birds like shahin falcon, deer falcon, free falcon, and other types of migrating birds like some kinds of ducks, quail, some kinds of herons, goats and others. Wild plants like: Aqool, zygoghyllum, Athl Tomarex, Halfa, Ghatdaa, Ghaab, Sammaar, reed and others.