P Squared on Sheridan a collectible co-op has the 'Right Stuff"

Published February 21, 2020 15 Views

Rumble Paul Byczynski has a lot of stuff. He says "We always make room for more stuff. The weirder the stuff the more I like it." Paul and his wife Paula opened P Squared on Sheridan about a year ago. Not all the stuff in the large shop belongs to them. There are more than thirty vendors who share the space. Paul says he was drawn to this type of business because of his attraction to old clocks. He says "My weakness is clocks. I drive my wife nuts. We have a small townhouse and there are probably fifteen clocks going off." The store is filled with antiques, collectibles and even a few items that you are welcome to look at but not buy like an old Soap Box Derby car that survived a garage fire. Paul says the car was the oly thing that didn't bur adding "we call it the survivor". Paul says that this is mainly a hobby for him but one he works very hard at "the place doesn't smell musty, it's very clean and I work had at keeping it that way." P Squared on Sheridan is at 2217 Sheridan Dr., Tonawanda, NY and open 7 days a week. Phone 716-345-4669 You can find them on Facebook.

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