Meet Dios: The Bully Built Like A Bodybuilder | BIG DOGZ

Published February 21, 2020 239 Views

Rumble UK BREEDERS Elite Bullyz are home to the world-famous American Bully Dios - whose incredible physique makes their puppies sell for thousands. Dios’s owner Aaron Oliver was one of the first breeders of American Bullies in the UK, he started breeding them six years ago. Today he keeps Dios and two of his pups at his home in Halifax – Dios’s son Flocki, who is 18 months old and his two-year-old daughter, Lou. Dios is known as the first Lilac Bully to come to England six years ago and is highly valued for his ability to produce lookalike pups. Thanks to Dios’s incredible physique, the puppies who look exactly the same as him, sell for thousands. According to Aaron, the average price for an American Bully is around £3,500. Speaking of the regimes that go towards producing this incredible lineage of dogs, Aaron said that thanks to their genetics, American Bullies do not require any special training and added: “We only exercise him like 10 minutes a day, all of it is just out of genetics. No matter what you do with him he will still look like a fitness freak.” Aaron says that even though they may look intimidating with a muscular build, American Bullies are known for being extremely gentle and make great companions. He said: “100% the American bully is the ultimate companion breed from any other dog that I've ever owned. The American bully for me is the best one out there for a family and probably there’s no other breed than the American bully.”

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