Kneading The Kitty In Order To Make 'Cat Bread'

Published February 20, 2020 6,029 Views

Rumble / Cats & KittensAre you one of the people who really like bread and cats? Then you should try to make delicious cat bread! To make bread it is necessary to knead the ingredients well since it is very important that the bread is soft and delicious. In this case, you must knead the cat well to make a really delicious cat bread, so the owner of this cat kneads the cat to give it a good texture so that the bread is exquisite. If you are a lover of bread and cats, then you should try to knead your cat to practice, since to make good cat bread it is necessary to have discipline. This cat really likes to be kneaded!

Cats perform endless behaviors when they relate to humans, such as meowing, purring, rubbing their faces or kneading. Cats begin to knead in the neonatal period, that is, just after birth. This instinctive behavior is carried out around the nipples of its parent to stimulate the production of colostrum and, subsequently, breast milk. How do they do that? They exert some pressure, while opening their fingers to extend their claws, which are retractable, and then close their fingers again.

Puppy kittens will continue to knead the ventral zone of the parent until the weaning of the kittens occurs, around three weeks of life, a gradual process in which the cat will begin to reject the little ones at the same time that they will be interested more and more for the intake of water and the consumption of animal protein.

Although kneading, purring or meowing are considered behaviors of the early stages of the cat, the truth is that cats associate this behavior in a positive way, so they continue to perform it when they feel comfortable and happy also in their adult stage. Therefore, it is a comforting behavior that suggests that the cat enjoys adequate physical and emotional well-being.

It is important to note that felines that socialized with people enjoy human company, therefore, when they are in a context of relaxation and comfort with an individual of their liking, they are very likely to carry out the kneading behavior as a way to show affection. They can also do it with dogs and other pets when there has been good socialization, such as rabbits or domestic pigs.

You may have also observed this behavior in other contexts when the cat is far from the company of other individuals. It is likely that you then wonder why cats knead before bedtime. Once again we are faced with an instinctive behavior of the species that pregnant cats generally carry out when they prepare the nest for their puppies.

However, they can also be done by male or female non-pregnant women when they are on a surface that they do not consider at all comfortable. So, if you have watched your cat knead a blanket or yourself, you should know that he wants to feel more comfortable in that particular place. It is no secret that cats love to stretch each and every muscle in their body, so, whether on top of you or on a sofa, the cat will take the opportunity to stretch after a pleasant rest, also kneading as a sign of satisfaction.

When you want to make cat bread you start by kneading the dough. Cuteness overload!

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