Seven Golden Retrievers Playing With A Sprinkler Is All You Need To See Today

Published February 12, 2020 25,692 Views $13.32 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDo you know what happens when you have seven Golden Retrievers as a pet and the summer heatwaves approach? The result will surprise you! Not only do people feel hot, but animals can also feel very hot when summer approaches, so we must know how to take care of our pets from the strong summer heat. Some dogs really like to play with water in very hot weather, as do these seven adorable Golden Retrievers, who play with water in the garden. These are seven English Golden Retrievers who know that it is very hot and they start playing with a water sprinkler in the garden, so they run like crazy around the place and take the opportunity to enjoy the water. Everyone needs to escape the heat of summer!

With the arrival of high temperatures, our dogs will also feel warm and we must be attentive to their well-being to avoid problems derived from the rise in their body temperature, which can become as serious as the potentially fatal heatstroke. This is what happens when, due to misinformation, the dog is left locked inside the car, for example, or taken for a walk at undue hours. The normal temperature of dogs is about 37.8-39.2 ° C, therefore we should not take as a reference to the human parameters.

The hair of the dogs serves as protection against the sun and as a temperature regulator, so it is advisable to shave it and it may be counterproductive to cut it in some breeds. We must always consult a dog grooming salon. In addition, it is proven that dogs cannot sweat as people do, so they must regulate their temperature through panting. Thus, they withstand the heat worse because when the ambient temperature approaches the body, cooling through panting is not as effective.

When the body temperature of dogs rises to 40-43 ° C, the dog runs the risk of heatstroke, which is a disorder that can lead to death. It produces symptoms such as very reddened mucous membranes, intense gasps, thick saliva, breathing difficulties, vomiting and, finally, diarrhea, shock, seizures, and death. It is a veterinary emergency. The first measure is to try to lower the temperature of the dog and stabilize it, although, as we say, the heatstroke causes the death of a large number of dogs, so it is important to follow some suggestions and recommendations.

Preventing the dog from getting hot is very important since, as we have seen, if its temperature rises without the ability to thermoregulate, the consequences can be fatal. Explained how to know if our dog is hot, to detect this situation, and to avoid it, we must be very careful and responsible. Dogs can be refreshed by wetting them with a spray or by passing a damp towel. Also, if we have a suitable place, we can offer you a pool with water to cool you to your liking. In addition, you can freeze water to make ice cubes with which it is entertained while cooling. Sometimes you just have to let the dogs have fun and play with water!

It's party time for these English Cream Golden Retrievers with a sprinkler on a hot summer day. So much fun!

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