Otter Family Fight For Survival Against Jaguar Attack | SNAPPED IN THE WILD

Published February 12, 2020 1,982 Views

Rumble A FEROCIOUS battle between a hungry jaguar and a family of protective otters has been caught on camera. Wildlife photographer Alexander Ley, 27, was on hand to record the rare confrontation deep in the floodplains of the Pantanal, the largest tropical wetland on the planet. The giant otters decided to move into a new den - otters are highly sociable animals that live in extended family groups of up to eight. But little did they know, a jaguar was on the hunt right next to them. Jaguars possess the strongest jaws of all big cats, allowing them to kill their prey with a bite through the skull, ambushing with quick pounces. These opportunistic hunters would normally feast on caimans and capybaras, but it looked as though something different was on the menu this time round. Male jaguars can weigh up to 100kg, over four times the size of a giant otter. Although an otter is no match for a jaguar, together, otters will aggressively defend their territory. The jaguar noticed the giant otters and slowly approached them - its eyes fixated on one of the youngest members of the family. As the jaguar decided to plunge, it managed to grab its small prey with a swift bite – and despite the otter family’s best efforts, that was enough to end its life.