Silly Pup Can't Figure Out How To Get Giant Stick Through Doorway

Published February 11, 2020

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDo you think some dogs are smarter or dumber than others? Probably yes, since it is proven that not all dogs have the same learning ability. It is proven that the education that people give their pets is essential for the intelligence of dogs, although sometimes it is inevitable that dogs do not make mistakes since dogs often make mistakes in the learning process. In this case, a silly dog cannot understand how to make a giant stick enter through the door, so he tries to go through the stick through the door but ends up hitting the wall several times. This adorable dog is called Nala and does not understand the concept of doors and has some problems with the stick. Hilarious!

Dogs have the ability to learn, think and solve problems. According to scientists, races such as the Border Collie or Golden Retriever are considered the most intelligent. However, the ability to learn and obey orders is not the only parameter that measures intelligence. Do not forget that dogs are able to learn how to behave around other members of the pack. Adult dogs, for example, correct their young when they do something that does not correspond within their canine universe, such as eating out of turn or biting aggressively. Similarly, they also reward acceptable behaviors either by playing with them, feeding or cleaning them.

Intelligence has a variety of dimensions. In human beings, we could subdivide intelligence into verbal ability, numerical ability, logical reasoning, memory, and so on. The intelligence of dogs also has several aspects, among which we recognize three large dimensions. The first is called instinctive intelligence and is related to all those skills that determine what he was raised for. For example, if the animal has been raised to herd the animals. Their intelligence level is measured by their ability to gather animals and how they run them.

Science has shown that some animal species can outperform dogs in some areas of intelligence. Wolves are better at solving problems and certain primates and even dolphins and elephants, have a self-awareness similar to humans. This self-awareness is rare in the animal world, and dogs don't have much of it. But dogs can do something complex, which no other animal can do: they can see, hear and read people.

In fact, dogs are the only animals that really study people's faces. They evaluate the faces of their owners. They do it with intensity. Tests have shown that dogs are far superior to other animals in understanding people's faces. This ability of early communication is the cornerstone of all forms of culture, including language. That dogs exhibit that ability is a sign of intelligence and sensitivity. And many times, they even manage to overcome other animals. For example to chimpanzees.

Without a doubt, the chimpanzee is bright; Sign language has a great vocabulary. However, he cannot understand the look of a human being as a dog can. And if you don't believe it, think of your own dog.

Nala doesn’t understand the concept of doors and has some stick issues. Hysterical!


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