These scuba divers will help you fall in love with the underwater world

Published February 10, 2020 1,046 Views $0.39 earned

Rumble / Ocean LifeScuba diving opens a door to the most magical and mysterious parts of our planet. Those who are adventurous enough to strap on tanks of air and slip beneath the waves often fall completely in love with the ocean world and the creatures who live there. The colors, sights, and complete beauty are unparalleled. Every trip is a unique adventure with new animals and new experiences. Even the sounds of the bubbles and the water are hypnotic and tranquil. To enter this world changes a person forever.

This family has been diving together for almost ten years, travelling to Belize, Cayman Islands, Galapagos Islands, Cuba, and Mexico. Their experiences on the reef have been indescribably beautiful and exciting. This footage shows why they have fallen in love with this world in the depths and why almost everyone who experiences scuba diving feels the same way.

Accompany them as they swim with turtles, glide with spotted eagle rays, hover motionless and mesmerized as whale sharks, the world's largest sharks, cruise silently past them. Watch them make friends with a large Nassau grouper that followed them and seemed to be asking for some physical interaction.

Look into the seemingly cold and heartless eyes of reef sharks and white tipped reef sharks, one of nature's most misunderstood creatures. To swim with them brings the understanding that they are not the savage and blood thirsty beasts that they are made out to be.