Searching For The Amazon's Most Dangerous Animal |BEASTLY ENCOUNTERS

Published February 10, 2020 431 Views

Rumble A YOUNG field biologist has fulfilled a lifetime ambition by venturing into the depths of the Amazon to spot a rare rainforest jaguar in the wild. Dan O'Neill, from Bristol in the UK, traveled hundreds of miles up the Rewa River in Guyana in an attempt to spot the jaguar, a journey littered with dangers from both predators and the unpredictable forces of the remote jungle. The journey saw the 27-year-old biologist encounter iconic wildlife including rare sightings of tapirs, capybara, and giant anacondas. This was his third attempt at trying to spot a jaguar, having already completed previous expeditions in Guyana and Mexico. His adventure into the wilds of Guyana is captured in Barcroft TV's new wildlife series, Beastly Encounters and ends with Dan realizing his ultimate dream - an incredibly rare sighting of the incredible beast. Dan says: "This was a journey into the unknown, attempting to reach the headwaters of the remote Rewa river in search of animals that had never seen people before. It was the most incredible experience of my life."