Myths About Babies, Debunked

Published February 8, 2020 89 Views

Rumble / Babies & KidsPeople love to give advice about babies and how to take care of them.
But according to Business Insider, people can unwittingly spout a bunch of nonsense while they're doing so!
For example, one common myth is that babies don't need naps.
Ridiculous! So says pediatrician Dr. Blair Hammond, MD. Babies shouldn't stay awake for more than five hours at a time.
[If you don't let a baby sleep] you're going to have an angry baby, and that is not going to be a fun baby to take care of. Dr. Blair Hammond General Pediatrician Mt. Sinai Hospital
Another myth is that certain toys will make babies smarter. In fact, it's interacting with the baby that helps brain development, not toys!
If you just stick a baby down with a bunch of blocks, your baby is not growing smarter from those toys. Dr. Aliza Pressman Developmental Psychologist
Finally, a common belief is that you should avoid giving peanuts, fish, and eggs to your child until they're a toddler.
This is truly a myth. In fact, not giving such foods to babies is believed to contribute to food allergies and sensitivities later in life!