Valentine's Day Love Is In The Air For These Kangaroos

Published February 7, 2020 6,249 Views

Rumble / Funny & Cute Animals โ€” Are you one of the people who thinks everyone likes hugs? Look how these kangaroos can't stop hugging! Probably all people like hugs, since hugs help people relax and feel better about themselves. On the other hand, this video shows that kangaroos also love hugs, especially when Valentine's Day is approaching, since these kangaroos know that they must show each other how much they love each other and that is why they cannot stop hugging. It seems that kangaroos also understand the importance of Valentine's Day, this happened at a zoo in Atherstone, England. These are the most adorable kangaroos in the world!

The kangaroo is an animal as wonderful as it is surprising. His ability to move by jumping instead of running is one of his best-known traits. However, these Australian marsupials present another series of features and curiosities worthy of review. The common name โ€˜kangarooโ€™ is generally used to describe this species. However, there are several subspecies that are classified according to features such as size, behavior and geographic location, to name a few. The term kangaroo designates the largest within the species, just as wallaby is used to refer to the smaller ones.

One of the curiosities that most attract attention to these animals is that they do not sweat. His way of adapting to heat is licking his legs. Then they rub their chest with them to lower their body temperature. The kangaroo has the possibility to turn its ears and listen sharply almost imperceptible noises to other animals. They can also survive without water for several weeks. For this, they extract from the plants that ingest the liquids and nutrients they need.

In some legal poppy plantations, kangaroos ingest these plants and can get high. This is evident when they move awkwardly, and they can be seen spinning or unable to maintain balance. His way of knowing is sniffing his nose and face. Then they can socialize by fighting, which usually happens among young kangaroos. However, some adult specimens may retain this habit.

Mating is another matter that is curious since males sniff the females' urine to recognize if they are ready for reproduction. The procession period can last up to three days. Frequently, the male sniffs and touches the female's tail with its legs, and it responds with sinuous movements. Some kangaroo species mate only when the climatic conditions are favorable for the young.

Females can stop the embryonic development of their young if the environmental conditions are not favorable. This happens frequently in seasons of severe droughts, so when conditions improve, pregnancy continues smoothly. Thus they provide greater chances of survival for their children. Fortunately, there are not too many natural predators for this species. Foxes, some snakes, eagles, and dingoes usually attack them, especially young or young individuals.

However, poaching by men to sell meat, and the destruction of their habitat, keeps the human race as the most dangerous species, not only for kangaroos but for the world in general.

Check out these two lovebirds at a zoo in Atherstone, England. They can't stop hugging each other!


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