Cockatoo ends up ordering hilarious items through Alexa

Published February 6, 2020 4,354,587 Views

Onni the cockatoo is quite the Internet sensation, known for his tap dancing and insane reactions to his daddy coming home. But now this talented bird has added another skill to his list. Shopping on Amazon with Alexa.

Onni is a 4 year old beloved baby umbrella cockatoo. His parents enjoy using the Amazon Echo to listen to music and to ask what the weather is, but that is about all they know how to do with her. Apparently Onni knows how to get Alexa to do much more.

One day, the owners heard the bird mumbling in the next room. Then they heard the ever so familiar voice from Alexa say, "Okay, I'll add that to your shopping list". So they dashed into the room only to see Onni sitting in his cage and looking innocent and Alexa quiet. Onni's parents have never ordered a thing in their lives. They have no idea how to open Alexa up to shop or make a list. There is no way Onni could have picked it up from them. So they thought it was just a fluke.

Later, The owners did learn that you can make Alexa "fart" on command. Thinking back to when Onni accidently ordered something on Alexa, they got the idea and thought it would be funny to teach their bird how to make Alexa to fart. They tried and didn't quite get the reaction they expected. Turns out poor Onni is terrified of Alexa's farts.

Ah, but the story does not end with the failed farting venture. Weeks later, the couple heard Onni talking to Alexa again. And again they heard Alexa loudly and clearly confirm something being added onto a shopping list. The couple had seen people request Alexa to recite a shopping list back to them. On a hunch they tried to get their Alexa to to do it to see if Onni had really created one. Well, turns out that when Onni activated Alexa to take his orders before, it was no fluke.
Onni has had a virtual shopping spree with Alexa over time. The list is as follows:

Onni's parents still have no clue how to activate the shopping skill on Alexa and use it to buy things. They'd rather stick to asking her to play music for them. "I think it's funnier if we don't learn how to open up Alexa's shopping skill and leave it up to Onni. I just hope we don't get a bunch of farts delivered to our door"

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