Rockstar Kid Sings Total Metal Version Of 'Old MacDonald'

Published February 4, 2020

Rumble / Babies & KidsAre you one of the people who love rock and heavy metal? Maybe you wish you had a son who loves rock and heavy metal as much as this one! It is proven that, in most cases, children have the same musical tastes as their parents, so it is quite common for parents and their children to have favorite songs in common. In this case, an adorable child sings a heavy metal version of a song called 'Old MacDonald' and makes a really interesting show for the whole family. This child gets carried away by the passion of music and even drops the microphone like a pro when the song ends. Everyone should be passionate about music like this child!

As you may know, music is really beneficial for everyone and, especially, for children. There is always talk of how advantageous it is for babies to listen to classical music. However, we must not overlook that rock is also great for the little ones. For its part, rock is a type of music that brings with it a lot of advantages for the little ones in the house.

You may find it incredible, but there are several studies that have come to establish that people who listen to rock are smarter. Why? Basically, because it is considered that, due to the language used and even the frequency of metaphors, they improve their ability to retain information.

Without a doubt, it is also important to establish that it is a great way for them to be passionate about music and even to be encouraged to also want to play an instrument.
In the same way, another advantage of rock is that it is a great "tool" to de-stress. It is established that listening to songs of that musical genre allows tensions to be released since it gives the opportunity to get rid of all that emotional load that is stored.

Also, if parents are unconditional rock fans, listening to music of this type with their children will allow them to strengthen their emotional ties. Of course, it should not be overlooked that it is considered that it allows the little ones to significantly improve both their emotional and auditory awareness.

Rock is a musical genre that is as famous as it is controversial. Its loud sounds and the appearance or way of dressing of its musicians create the false image that it is aggressive music and even inappropriate for children. However, throughout its history, it has marked - and continues to do so - many generations, and children are no exception. So much so that since the 1994 ‘Grammy Awards’, one of the most important in the music industry, has been awarded the ‘Best musical album for children’.

You already met some bands that rock for children, now we introduce you to some children who rock and are rockstars on the Internet. Watch this video collection and let's rock!

This dad had no idea his boy would sing a heavy metal version of 'Old McDonald'. Check out that mic drop!


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