Snake and Lizard Duel under the Australian Sun

Published February 4, 2020 121 Views

Rumble / Wild WildlifeOccurred on January 29, 2020 / Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Info from Licensor: "I was walking from my car to visit a client for work in Brisbane Australia and was on the phone, not really paying attention. I thought I heard a hiss, and stopped to look in a garden bed, nothing there. I turned and started walking, and then I saw them about 20cm away. So I filmed them battle it out. The snake is highly venomous (Australian brown snake) and the lizard is an Australian Bush icon, a Blue tongue Lizard. Now I think about it, I was waaay to close for comfort.
After the video, and my appointment, as I came back to find both had disappeared. I believe in the end the snake won."