Rescue Bunny Absolutely Adores His New Donkey Friends

Published February 1, 2020

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsHave you ever thought that donkeys and rabbits could become best friends? Probably not, since they are very different animals both in personality and height. The truth is that rabbits are very social animals, meaning that they can play with other animals or people very frequently and easily. Yes, rabbits like to have fun and enjoy their time. Donkeys, too, are funny and peaceful animals, but they are a bit more serious, that is, they are not as expressive as rabbits. However, this does not mean that rabbits and donkeys cannot get along. In this case, this adorable rabbit has earned the trust and friendship of this group of donkeys. After sleeping in the stable with one of the donkeys, this rabbit went for a walk to the meadow to enjoy the day with his new donkey friends. It is sure, friendship is the most important thing in the world!

There are donkeys in almost all parts of the world, and they are used especially as a draft or cargo animal. However, under the skin of these quadrupeds, close to the beloved horses, there is an extraordinarily sweet and intelligent animal. Donkey colors vary among all shades of gray, from absolute white to black. There are also variations of all brown colors. There are completely white or black breeds, but the usual thing is that they have a variation and mixture of all these tones.

Donkeys are extremely docile and accommodating. Almost all of them are currently used as draft or pack animals, and they do their job diligently, although they often do so under very harsh conditions or without the possibility to rest. They are hard-working animals that support living and working conditions that for others would be impossible. The prejudices around the donkey have turned his name into an insult, but in reality, they are very intelligent animals. Their movements are slow and it seems that they are never in a hurry, but when they are given the opportunity, they prove to be very clever and are able to solve complex problems.

Some experts claim that donkeys have a great memory that allows them to remember places and routes that they followed long ago. It is difficult to make a donkey angry, but if he gets upset, he can defend himself, kicking hard with his back legs. There are cases in which they have not been able to attack with the back legs and have defended themselves by biting. But these cases are the exception since they are very docile animals and not at all aggressive or irritable.

In Europe, and especially in Spain, the donkey population is declining to the point of extinction. The four Spanish races are in danger. One of the reasons is that many are victims of abuse or neglect. This is why shelters or sanctuaries dedicated solely to them are emerging. These organizations rescue, and take care of donkeys that have had a bad life and try to create a better one for them.

After sleeping in the stable at night with one of the donkeys, he runs to the paddock in the morning to say hi to all his other donkey friends. How cool is that?


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