Every Single Person On The Streets Of Hong Kong Wears Mask For Coronavirus

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Rumble / Fascinating PeopleProbably everyone has already heard of the coronavirus. The truth is that it is a virus that is considered potentially contagious and dangerous since in some cases it can be fatal if it is not treated on time. Currently, all television channels share news related to the coronavirus in addition to sharing prevention campaigns so that people are well informed and cautious. That is why, all people on the streets of Hong Kong wear masks, to avoid contracting the coronavirus. The coronavirus originated in China, so most of the provinces of China are on alert and must take many precautions to avoid contracting the coronavirus. Cases of coronavirus have also been detected in some parts of America and Europe. We all must be cautious with the coronavirus!

A group of experts from the Johns Hopkins Health Center for Safety has warned that masks, one of the most common preventive measures for the protection of coronaviruses, would not be as efficient as believed. For the experts, the mask is a quick measure to take, but they are not sure if it really helps prevent the spread of the disease.

During the last days, there has been an increase in the sale of this protective implement in China, since people consider it the most effective way of reducing the spread of the virus while they are in the street or using public transport. Since the outbreak of the coronavirus beginning on December 31, there are now around 8,000 people infected with the disease, while at least 80 have already died. As a result, population concerns are complex, so the use of masks is becoming more common.

Experts recommend that the best protective measures are in fact the most common, such as washing your hands frequently, not touching your face and avoiding contact with people currently infected with the disease. The group of researchers has also recommended that the delivery of masks has to be done urgently for people who already have symptoms of the disease, in order to avoid sneezing and coughing in public places, thus causing the spread of others.

Currently, there are two types of masks that are most used to deal with the disease outbreak. The first is known as N95, which is designed to trap large pollutants and particles, which can transport the disease. This mask provides a special option, since it filters most of the surrounding air particles, preventing people from breathing particles up to 0.3 microns in diameter. The other type of masks is the surgical one, designed to prevent drops of large particles and splashes from passing into the mouth of a person or their close ones.

Finally, researchers have emphasized that people in the United States do not need to use this implement on the streets since there is no similar outbreak of the coronavirus strain that currently keeps much of China and the world worried.

Not one person is seen without a mask on the streets of Hong Kong. Crazy!

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