The Giant 13Ft High VW Party Bus | RIDICULOUS RIDES

Published January 30, 2020

Rumble 85 SPEAKERS, neon lights, and an incredible 13ft 2” height are just some of the incredible features on a giant replica VW bus. Kirk Strawn is the owner of Walter The Bus, a super-sized version of the Volkswagen classic, custom-built on the chassis of a 1963 fire truck. Once Kirk and friends discovered the truck in a junk yard, they decided to build the world’s biggest VW bus and Walter, named after the Walter Truck Company that made the fire truck, was born. Kirk, of Arizona, told Barcroft Studios: “There’s always a smile whenever anybody sees Walter. You just don’t see something like this driving the road every day. It just brightens your day. It opens your eyes and makes you wonder what else might be possible.” After the truck was found in 2003, it took three years and more than 100 people to collectively bring Kirk and his friends’ vision to life. The bus’ unique features have seen him attend desert festival Burning Man 11 times, as well as appear at events for Google and SpaceX. The truck is a three-speed manual with an air clutch and torque converter, and runs on a 330-horsepower engine with a 40-gallon gas tank. 85 speakers have been installed throughout the bus, powered by four amps on each side of the vehicle, giving it a 360-degree sound system that’s perfect for mobile parties. Meanwhile, more than 20,000 coloured LED lights line the contours of the exterior while an onboard misting system adds atmosphere to any event.