Hungry Pup Helplessly Looks On As Cats Eat His Food

Published January 28, 2020 7,573 Views $1.10 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsDo you think dogs are intelligent and understanding enough to share their food with some cats? Watch how this dog allows two cats to steal their food! Dogs are usually good pets since they can get along with other pets and also share their food, but in this case, things get out of control, since these two cats steal the food of this adorable dog and the dog does nothing to avoid it. This dog literally does nothing to prevent cats from stealing food, just looks at them and waits for their turn to eat. This dog is very kind!

If you have dogs and cats at home, surely on more than one occasion you will be assaulted by the question of whether cats can eat dog food and vice versa. You may even be tempted to buy a single type of food for everyone, because, after all, they look similar and the smell is almost the same, right? However, the truth is that each food is specially formulated for a specific species, so here we tell you what is negative or positive in this practice.

Like cat feed, canine feed is cut in different forms, has several flavors according to the ingredients it contains and is even sold in different sizes depending on age and breed (small, medium or large) to which is directed. Despite these similarities, both types of feed are formulated differently. In this sense, the canine feed contains high concentrations of beta-carotene, which the dog needs to convert it into vitamin A, crucial for its proper development. This food is also characterized by being rich in vitamins, fiber and lower in protein and fat than cat food since dogs tend to gain weight easily if these components rise, which is what happens if you let them regularly consume cat food.

Contrary to the canine diet, cats need a food that is rich in protein and fat, and lower in fiber. Despite this, it is crucial for the feline diet that the feed contains vitamin A, since your body is unable to metabolize it on its own. The same goes for taurine, an amino acid that in the wild the felines obtain from meat (especially from viscera, such as the liver or the heart), but that the cat cannot produce, so it must be provided in the food. Taurine is extremely important for the health of felines since a diet deficient in this substance will bring various health problems to your pet, including heart disease.

In the same way, when you think about your cat's diet you should keep in mind at all times that it is a quintessential carnivorous animal, hence the importance of its food containing a high proportion of protein. This is necessary for your cat to have the energy it requires to perform physical activities. Although felines look like lazy animals, the truth is that during their games, jumps and climbs burn large amounts of energy, and protein consumption provides much of it. A cat with a deficiency of this food group will end up ill.

This good boy lets the cats eat his food. Must see!