This Fearless Freediver "Dances" With Two Massive Tiger Sharks

Published January 28, 2020

Rumble / Fascinating PeopleCheck out this freediver interacting with a pair of tiger sharks in this mind-blowing clip. So cool!

Are you brave enough to get in the water to interact with sharks? This is probably one of the bravest divers in the world! Many people like the beach and the sea very much, however, not all people can jump into the water knowing that there are sharks nearby, and some people also think that the sea still hides many secrets that have not been discovered. Probably, almost all people fear sharks, as they are quite fierce animals and can become dangerous if not treated properly, but in this case it seems that this diver knows perfectly how to interact with two tiger sharks. Divers tend to love animals that are underwater, since they are part of the ecosystem regardless of their size. In this case, the diver interacts with the two tiger sharks with complete peace of mind.

Are sharks really dangerous? Perhaps the amount of myths that are woven around it is due to its character. It is estimated that they inhabit the seas for 420 million years. Although they did not share with dinosaurs, they are much longer than the human race. There are many curious facts about sharks. But his contemporary bad publicity basically has only one culprit: Steven Spielberg. In 1975, the then unknown filmmaker premiered Tiburon. It was the film that would end forever cementing the terror towards the sharks.

The truth is that some species do represent a potential danger to humans. Sharp teeth and a powerful bite can start without significant cuts from the body of a strong and adult man. The largest specimens of the white shark print with their jaws a force of 1.8 tons. This represents 3 times more than a lion, and 20 times higher than the human bite. However, despite its obvious danger, reality is quite far from any fiction.

"Sport" hunting for recreational purposes, or fishing, have been some of the reasons why there are fewer and fewer sharks in the oceans. It also influences that sharks are a kind of slow development and procreation, so replacing an adult and developed specimen is not simple, nor fast. But what literal death really has meant for these animals is shark fin soup, a fancy dish served in China.

In spite of the strict controls that several countries have wanted to impose to avoid the traffic of fins from their seas to the Asian giant, this has only managed to shoot prices in the markets. It has become a much more lucrative business than it already was. In addition, the process to obtain this part of the body of sharks exceeds the limits of sadism. The fins are cut by force, and the animals are thrown alive back into the sea. Unable to swim, they sink slowly, while beginning to suffer attacks from other fish, until they die of suffocation.

As a last point, it is important to keep in mind that the human being is not part of the shark's food chain. Almost all unprovoked attacks are due to errors in the identification of the prey, confusing it with turtles or sea lions.


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