How This Parrot Reacts To His Favorite Toy Will Melt Your Heart

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Are you one of the people who think that parrots are excellent pets? Watch how this beautiful parrot gets very happy while playing with his toys! It is proven that parrots are extremely intelligent pets since they have a very good learning ability and also have a very good memory, which allows them to follow instructions and remember them perfectly. Parrots really like to play and have fun, since they are very charismatic pets, for this reason, this beautiful parrot named Fabio gets very happy while playing. Fabio is a 5-year-old Indian Ringneck parakeet, and he likes to show his toys, he also proves to be very intelligent while playing, since despite being concentrated playing with his toys, he also takes the time to approach the camera! It is the best parrot in the world!

Parrots are very restless and fun animals, who love to play. And like other pets, they need toys so they don't get bored. Boredom is one of the main reasons why many birds take off their own feathers. Therefore, it is important that you offer appropriate toys to your pet so he can entertain himself for as long as he wants.

Some toys are designed for small birds and are not always safe for a large bird. Larger birds have much stronger beaks and can easily break them, this can be a danger since you could try to swallow it and run a risk of suffocation. Age is directly related to the size of your friend, when you are young and small you can still enjoy other toys that, when you are older, due to size issues, it will not be appropriate for you to offer them. Avoid toys that may be dangerous to your health, so they must be specifically designed for them. The best toys are those that are made with suitable materials and whose size is in relation to their age, as well as those from which parts that can be ingested do not come off.

Adequate environmental enrichment in parrots can greatly increase the welfare of our pets. We must provide them with a cage large enough where they can walk, fly and stretch freely, objects with which to interact and partners to develop socially. It is also necessary that we encourage the behavior of foraging or search for food, creating toys where to hide food. If we carry out these actions we will reduce the chances that our parrot will suffer stress and carry out negative and harmful behaviors for itself.

Stairs or trees with branches are one of the favorite toys of birds of all sizes, they are like a gym for them, but make sure there is enough space in your parrot's cage. In general, toys with sounds stimulate and entertain them. Provided that the rattle or whatever it sounds is covered and protected with other material (such as wood) and that the bird does not have access to small parts. The parrot will love to make it sound!

Fabio is a 5-year-old Indian Ringneck parakeet. He loves to dance, sing and show off for his favorite toys. Here you can watch Fabio humming a tune while he kisses his toy over and over again!

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