Three Teens Killed As Suspect Intentionally Slams His Car

Published January 22, 2020

Rumble Ruiz's mother told reporters Monday night the teens, who were on their way to a sleepover to celebrate Ivascu's birthday, tried to play a "ding-dong-ditch"' prank -- ringing a doorbell and quickly driving away -- at a friend's home, but Chandra answered the door, got into his Infiniti and chased the teens.

"The boys were playing ding-dong-ditch at a house they thought was ... somebody their age, but it turned out to be that angry man,'' Debbie Ruiz said.

"They were scared to death, tried to get away several times,'' she said. He rammed them, ran them off the road.''

Chandra was arrested a short time later in a neighborhood near the crash site after the California Highway Patrol said a witness followed the suspect and helped authorities locate the vehicle.