Stringing Ring Stack Activity for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities

Published January 17, 2020 362 Views

Rumble I came across a small patio-type table minus the top. It has 4 curved legs that I immediately thought would make awesome ring stacks. I have a lot of experience cutting up plastic containers to make flat rings. I like these better than 3-dimensional rings because they don’t roll away and they take up less space when stacking or storing materials. I cut simple shapes in blue, white, purple and yellow to resemble familiar objects such as bananas, boats, berries, fish, ghosts and snowmen. Place the chair legs upside down on a table as shown in the video or perhaps a bit higher to require reaching.

My clients enjoyed color matching the rings. However, they did it too easily and quickly without working on more challenging skills. So, I cut additional smaller holes in each shape for lacing strips of fabric or cord. Make a big knot on the end so that it can be pulled without slipping out. This additional feature created problem-solving and fine motor challenges to
1) Use the largest hole to stack rings onto the chair legs
2) Use one of the smaller holes to begin lacing so that the knot prevents it from sliding all the way through and out.
3) Pull the cord or fabric strip completely through and
4) Motor plan to later remove the cord from the shapes

Plastic pieces may be placed on the floor or scattered around a room, hallway or another area to require movement as they retrieve the materials. In addition, using thick cord that requires force to pull through the smaller holes provides proprioceptive sensory stimulation to muscles and joint.

Provide lots of materials if your child or client likes to be busy for long periods of time with repetitive tasks and fewer if they have short attention spans. I love the flexibility and price when I make and adapt my own materials.

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