7-Year-Old’s Bestie Is A 15ft Python | BEAST BUDDIES

Published January 17, 2020 9,143 Views

Rumble COMING face to face with two 15-foot pythons would be enough to terrify anybody, but one father-daughter duo is showing the world that snakes are not a species to be feared. Ed Taoka, a Massage Therapist from Surrey, is a proud owner of two reticulated pythons – six-year-old Sonny and five-year-old Cher. Emi, Ed’s seven-year-old daughter, can often be seen on social media cuddling and playing with the snakes – totally unphased by their size or capacity for danger. Ed told Barcroft TV: “The relationship between my daughter and the snakes has gotten stronger over time.” Despite the snakes being “very strong predators” who “demand respect”, Ed feels comfortable with his daughter being near the snakes but is adamant she would never be left unsupervised. Emi began interacting with Sonny and Cher when she was just over a year old. “I think supervised interactions with constrictors are relatively safe. They are safer than trampolines and bouncy castles.” Ed began sharing his life with his daughter and pet pythons on social media to prove they are not animals that should be demonised. “I enjoy filming the gentle interactions between my daughter and the snakes.” When asked if he feels the snakes could pose a potential threat, Ed explained: “They could stop her breathing if they managed to get around her neck, but I don’t think they could eat my daughter at this size.”

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