Raven Spots Favorite Truck Driver, Follows Him To Next Location

Published January 14, 2020

Rumble / Unreal Animals — Have you ever thought that crows can be good friends of people? Probably not, since crows do not usually share their space with people, but there are crows that have a good personality and are very sociable. People generally think that crows are birds without feelings, but some people say that crows can be excellent pets and very good friends since it is proven that crows are birds with a very good memory, capable of remembering people. This man with this video has shown that crows can be very good friends of people, and in this case, this crow follows his best friend until he reaches his destination. This is a truck driver who has a best raven friend named Blackie. Blackie always follows her best friend until she reaches her destination!

Crows are migratory animals of a scavenger nature. That is, they feed on the prey or remains of other animals. In addition, they are omnivorous birds, so they can feed on both plants and other animals without major problems. A very important detail of crows is that they are very territorial animals. They do not tolerate the presence of another animal of any species or even if its flock does not belong. The moment they detect the presence of someone outside their family they proceed to assault and mistreat him.

When they are free, their main diet consists of bird eggs smaller than themselves and seeds of any kind. As this is not available every day, these animals have great intelligence to hunt other smaller animals. That's right, crows are very social animals and with an IQ higher than many animals. So much is their intelligence that they can recognize human faces with little effort. Therefore, many people consider them an ideal friend to know how to treat and respect them from the beginning.

If you try to tame a raven that has already been released, it is very likely that the animal will recognize you and allow you to approach, but this does not indicate that you have achieved it at all. The bird will only tolerate your presence and will approach you because it will see you as a food source. However, if we raise our crow since it is a chick, the result will be very different. As we know, animals, when they recognize us from an early age, will become fond of us, which means that they will place all their trust in our person.

Due to its ability to recognize human faces, the animal will have no problem recognizing the members of your family, especially those who feed it daily. Unlike the rest of the domestic birds, the crow as a pet should not be locked in a cage for a long time. The animal's wings tend to spoil easily if you don't use them regularly. If a cage is indispensable, the best are those square and large for the animal to exercise.

A detail with the crows is that they are able to open their own cages and leave on their own. This means that it is not an animal for small homes; It can grow to 70 centimeters in height in its largest species, with a wingspan of about 150 centimeters. The crows in freedom are happier and more sociable!

Blackie the raven spots his friend, so he flies alongside him until they reach their destination! Amazing!


  • DavidMcNab, 3 weeks ago

    Hi there. Wonderful raven video. I reached out to you on Facebook about this video many months ago. I'm wondering if you remember the conversation about Rumble at that time. I think we also spoke about a family of crows that we raised, as well as our fondness for ravens and crows. David McNab

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  • budcan8, 3 weeks ago

    Yes sir I never forgot the conversation ,I’ve bin putting it off checking out rumble .then 2020 came and I said I’m gonna give it a whirl .really impressed with everything so far ,seems like a big family when I check out the forums

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  • Pikkukissa, 3 weeks ago

    What a lucky man!🖤🖤🖤

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    So interesting. I can't say that I've ever seen a crow fly beside a truck like that before. Loved it!

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