Kitten sees human taking a bath for the first time

Published January 12, 2020 1,324 Views

Rumble Cats are usually afraid of water, but sometimes their curiosity gets the best of them. Check out what happens when a curious kitten sees the owner taking a bath for the first time. So cute.
Cats are great roommates! They are beautiful, independent, gracious, and playful; it is no wonder why many of us choose to share our homes with them. Furthermore, we are sure that they enjoy our company as well. Realistically, who wouldn't? We are beautifully useful, independent in providing for ourselves, gracious in respecting their need for 16 hours of sleep daily, and playful while opening their favorite kind of food.
But, as perfect it may sound, just like with almost every relationship, we have some differences. For example, we all know how clean cats are; after all, they spend a significant amount of their waken hours to groom themself; wouldn't it be logical for them to expect the same thing from their humans? Well, the problem is not in the result but the journey to it. Cats are not big fans of water; it is ok in a reasonable amount for drinking but nothing more. That's why they will probably never understand why we choose to submerge ourselves in a big bowl of water. In this video, we see a little kitten, Luigi, as he discovers how humans keep themselves clean. He is very curious to see it a bit better, looking over the edge and then climbing on the bathtub. Carefully, so he doesn't get wet but also worried about his human who is taking a bath. You can also see the reactions of his older brother, Jeremy, who is sitting on the edge of the bathtub. By the look of his eyes, you know that this is not his first rodeo and that he saw it all many times before. He is not that much worried for the sake of his human but amazed why anyone would take a water bath.