Cartoon Sound Effects Make This Alaskan Malamute Go Zippy

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThis do runs to the basement and goes wild after hearing cartoon sound effects. Hilarious!

Do you know what happens when a dog with a lot of energy hears funny cartoon sounds? The result will surprise you! Dogs have an ear and a nose far superior to humans, so they react very differently to the sounds of their environment, sometimes they can even lose control. The sounds of cartoons are usually fun for everyone, since they are acts for all audiences, even for dogs, maybe that's why this dog enjoys the sound of cartoons so much. This adorable Alaskan Malamute becomes completely crazy and very fast when he hears the sound effects of the cartoons, throughout the video you can see how the dog runs through the basement at high speed, obviously the sound effects of the cartoons are a source of energy for this adorable dog! Very funny!

If your dog starts running in circles and then has other symptoms, such as seizures, your dog may have a neurological problem, possibly related to distemper. In addition, some dogs present these episodes after having had severe blows to the head or strong infections of the middle ear. In any of these cases, go immediately to the veterinarian.

Although this behavior is often caused by excessive emotion, boredom and frustration caused by lack of physical and mental stimulation can cause your dog to run in circles. Do not forget to walk him daily for enough time, play with him and give him objects, such as a kong-type toy filled with peanut butter or prizes, to help him concentrate on other things and not run in circles. Although the reasons are not known exactly, everything seems to indicate that there is a genetic predisposition in certain races to run in circles. For example, bull terriers usually run in wide circles, while German shepherds usually prefer to turn on their own axis or even make movements in the form of eights. Sometimes ... it's just fun!

If your dog occasionally runs in circles when you are playing with him, if he does when you start playing to chase him and have him chase you or when you are throwing the ball, this is completely normal. Puppies also often have a predilection for turning on their own axis or chasing their tail. Actually, they are having fun and discovering the world.

Anyway, if you notice that your dog begins to do it obsessively, it is important that you consult your trusted veterinarian and, if you consider the reasons to be psychological, you can go to an ethologist, that is, a canine behavior specialist.

part of what happens in the human brain, it is even harder for us to know what animals think, because we have no way of putting ourselves on their skin. Despite this, most experts agree that dogs experience some emotions very similar to us, among others, happiness. Dogs always have a good sense of humor and are always willing to play with their owners, so don't waste your time and have fun playing with your dog!

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