This Kitten Playing With A Tablet Is Going For The New High Score

Published January 10, 2020 36,665 Views $7.80 earned

Rumble / Cats & KittensTechnology has improved people's quality of life, but today it also helps improve the quality of life of pets. The truth is that there are many ways to entertain pets and keep them happy since there are even applications for tablets that allow our pets to play without any problems. As this video shows, cats can understand technology even by playing fun games on tablets, since this adorable cat is playing a fun game in which the cat must catch a mouse that is on the tablet screen. The game of catching mice is one of the funniest games for cats, so it turns out to be one of the most popular when you need your cat to have fun. Welcome to the future!

Cats are amazing pets, they are independent and very clean. They adapt very well to large houses or very small apartments, they are easily related to people and other pets. For these intelligent cats, the leading digital technology firms have devised a whole catalog of applications for tablet games for cats.

One of the most popular phrases is that cats rule the world; in practice, they have already begun in the digital age. We will find many games on the market for them, which include: mice, fish and laser points that dance.

Crazy Cats is a free tablet application for cats, which stimulates and plays with the natural instinct of cats to chase small things. In its basic version, it includes a bright laser dot that dances around the screen, which the cat will hit with its paws. The game has an update that turns the laser into a mouse and includes a level where the cat must chase a butterfly. A score count is also performed, to see how progress is made in the levels and accumulate points in the chase.

The cat does not resist the temptation to chase; Although at first, you can act with distrust, you will end up hitting by chasing all the creatures that this game presents to you. It is the best way to put these cat reflexes into practice. Whether mice or insects, the Crazy Cats will put the cat to hit and score many points. The game works great on the larger screen of the tablet and allows people to control the movement of pets. Cats deserve to be happy!

It should be noted that a cat does not usually take walks like dogs, so its socialization depends clearly on us; so when you see your cat run straight towards you, he is really happy that you have come home. Also, the games for cats simulate the activities that this would do in the wild if it were wild, which allows them to have a healthy behavior without any unexpected shock that we can dislike. Similarly, these dynamics allow the cat to exercise and stay healthy most of the time and thus avoid health problems, such as stress. Technology is the best fun alternative for people and pets!

Kittens these days are so technology driven! Too cute!