Caramel Creams Are the Best Regional Candy in America

Published January 9, 2020 137,409 Views

Rumble Have you ever tried a Goetze caramel cream or bulls eye? This chewy caramel candy with a cream center is a sweet all New Englanders are crazy about. Beginning in 1895 as The Baltimore Chewing Gum Company, Goetze's Candy Company started making their Goetze's caramel creams in the early 1900s. The sweet treat is soft like a tootsie roll but doesn't stick to your teeth. And don't get me started on the cream filling and creamy center. Yum!

The original caramel creams were introduced first, then the candy company introduced Cow Tales, a bigger version of the soft caramel. Along with the originals, Goetze's also offers chocolate caramel creams, caramel apple cow tails, and strawberry cow tails to try.

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