This super goofy samoyed insists on all the attention!

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesI am looking after Willow for a friend while they are on holiday and on this day he made us laugh by insisting all the attention by Pawing and tapping my arm until I gave him attention, which I did for a while as I could not resist his cuteness! But when I tried to ignore him after a while he resorted to trying to talk to me & bark at me, the other dogs did not get a look in! He normally is really good and just lays down beside the me but not today he was having a moment!

Samoyeds are known as affectionate family dogs, though they often bond closest with one person in the household. These dogs need to be with their people, and when left alone too often or for too long, they can become lonely, depressed, and destructive.

While very friendly and smart, the Samoyed can be challenging for novice owners. He’s a vocal dog, and he needs to be kept busy and active to prevent undesirable behaviors. He also has a strong hunting instinct and will give chase after small animals, including cats.

The Samoyed is one of the world’s oldest dog breeds. His lush white coat is his most outstanding physical feature

These dogs wear a happy expression affectionately referred to as the “Sammy smile.”

If you’re thinking of adding a Samoyed to your family, be sure to check your local shelters and rescue organizations for adoptable dogs.

We are loving looking after Willow he is Gorgeous and very friendly with the children and other dogs, we are not going to want to give him back! I hope he doesn't think he can sleep in my bed tonight though as I don't think my husband will be too impressed!

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