Listen To This Pit Bull Literally Squeal For The Water Hose

Published January 8, 2020

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesRocky the Squealing pit bull literally cannot resist the hose! Hilarious!

Have you ever wondered why some dogs love to play with water? This adorable dog is no exception! Most people who have dogs as a pet say that dogs really like to play with water, especially when it comes to tap water and hoses to water the garden. The truth is that this behavior is quite normal in dogs, in fact, most dogs play with water. This adorable pit bull dog literally can't resist the temptation to play with the hose while its owner waters the garden plants, the dog even cries for his owner to let him play with the hose. This dog is very funny!

Dogs do not normally have problems when playing with water, in fact some breeds love to play with it, for example labradors or schnauzer, when we talk about the subject we do not mean if they like to drink water (it is more than obvious that they like and need it) We refer to the fear or desire to play with water at some time in their lives.

According to some famous psychologists, specialist in animal behavior, some dogs are fearful of water, after conducting an experiment with different breeds of dogs that went into a water pond to visualize which breeds had a greater ability to swim, discovered that some breeds they suffered stress when entering the water, mainly anxiety and this occurred mainly in small races. In addition, psychologists conclude and attribute this type of behavior to traumatic events in these animals with water.

Undoubtedly we also conclude that fear, phobia or pleasure to water will depend on the first experiences with it, if a dog relates to water with something pleasant or not dangerous, he will enjoy the water without problems, however if he has had traumatic events he will relate to water as something bad.

Do not threaten your pet with water.
Do not bathe your dog with cold water, remember they are also cold.
If you are going to bathe it for the first time, make sure it is a pleasant and quiet process to relate to the water as something relaxing.
Do not be funny and throw your dog in the pool or beach, as you could traumatize him.
At the time of bathing your furry friend make sure that no water enters your ears, eyes and do not spill water directly on your face that makes it impossible to breathe.

Dogs that grew up near the beach love water, in fact some surf and swim every day.

Some dogs feel relaxed in the water (Comments made by dog owners who love water). Ideally, the water and pet relationship be held in a peaceful and pressure-free way, so that your pet can relate the water to a fun and non-traumatic moment. If your pet is afraid of water it is important that you ask a specialist for help. Dogs that play with water are the funniest pets in the world!


  • mfkhan, 11 weeks ago

    he don't like it

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    • FootFancy, 10 weeks ago

      He loves any water that comes out of a hose or spiggot! Hes so excited to play in the water that he wont let me finish watering my plants! Hes a funny dog!

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  • RA378, 11 weeks ago


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  • kittyb2951, 10 weeks ago

    Just like my pitbull...LOL

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